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Murphy Videos

Murphy showing in his Veteran Class - Sammamish KC 1/13/13

Fergus Videos

Fergus' journey to CH/MH

Fergus in the Sporting Group 6/9/12

Fergus Water Entry at 10.5 Years Old 6/24/17

RHRC Hunt Test 8/11/12 - 8/12/12 (3rd MH Pass)

Note: My dad took these videos but had camera issues due to sun glare so they require patience to watch.  The best one is of the 3rd series after the first bird is retrieved.  The 1st Series, Part 1 has the most issues.

 1st Series (Part 1) 

 1st Series (Part 2)

2nd Series 

3rd Series

Larson Videos

Larson in the Ring Greater Clark County KC 12/9/12

(Larson is the 1st dog in the line-up)

Larson Down and Back Greater Clark County KC 12/8/12

Larson Go Around Greater Clark County KC 12/8/12

(Larson is the 1st dog in the line-up)

Larson Weaves Poles Success July 2016


Dreyfus Videos

Dreyfus' water entry at 5 months old (6/25/17)

Dreyfus retrieving in a pond of water lilies at 7 months old (8/21/17)

Dreyfus' practice session at the NADD AKC Olympic KC Splash 8/16/18

Videos of California Fun

Videos of fun times visiting Fergus' littermate Crash, who has a pool:

Fun in the Sun 6/14/17

Trying to Retrieve the Big Red Ball 6/24/17

This was amusing because a big red ball mysteriously appeared in the pool and the dogs all tried to no avail to "get" it.

Pool Party 8/27/13

Beach Fun Videos

Murphy and Fergus Seaside OR 5/23/13

Fergus and Larson Pacific City, OR 8/28/16

Fergus and Larson Pacific City, OR 8/29/16

Larson and Dreyfus, Carmel CA June 2017

Larson, Fergus and Murphy Roseville, CA 8/31/13

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