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w. 1/9/17

Dreyfus @ 20 Months 9/30/18

Photo by Randy Roberts


AKC Certified Pedigree

AKC Registration: SR96950101

CKC ERN: ERN17000889

UKC Registration: R280864

NADD ID: 10916

Microchip: 97200009069727

Breeder(s): Darlene Pado and Elizabeth O'Callaghan

Owner: Darlene Pado


Dreyfus' OFA Page

Dreyfus' Pawprint Genetics Page

Dreyfus' CHIC #140275

Hips: OFA: Excellent (LR-240836E28M-VPI); PennHIP LDI=.30; RDI=.25 (PennHIP #: 130537)

Elbows: OFA: Normal/Clear (LR-EL90234M28-VPI)

See Hip and Elbow X-rays

Patellas: Clear at 9 Months 10/9/17 (Preliminary)

Heart: ECHO Clear LR-ACA-768/14M-VPI (Cardiologist/OFA)

Eyes: ACVO Clear @ 7 Weeks and annually - LR-EYE13487/20M-PI

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA/prcd): WT/WT - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Retinal Dysplasia (RD/OSD): WT/WT - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Skeletal Dysplasia 2: WT/WT - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC): WT/M - Carrier (Pawprint Genetics)

Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM): WT/WT - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK): WT/M - Carrier (Pawprint Genetics)

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): WT/WT - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Copper Toxicosis (ATP7B): WT/M - At Risk/"Carrier" (Pawprint Genetics)

Copper Toxicosis (ATP7A): M/Y - 1 Copy of Protective Gene (Pawprint Genetics)

D Locus (Dilute): D/D - Non Dilute - Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

L Locus (Long Coat gene): Sh/Sh - Shorthaired/Clear (Pawprint Genetics)

Coat Color: BBEE: Dominate Black (Pawprint Genetics) 

Full Dentition (OFA)

Dreyfus @ 4 months 5/14/17

Dreyfus @ 2 Years 1/26/19

Dreyfus @ 18 Months 8/4/18

Dreyfus self-stack @ 1 Year 1/14/18

Dreyfus @ 14.5 Months 4/1/18

Dreyfus @ 9 Months 10/15/17

Dreyfus @ 8 Months 9/16/17

Dreyfus @ 5 months 6/12/17

Dreyfus @ 5 months 6/23/17

Dreyfus @ 4 months 5/14/17

Dreyfus @ 4 months 5/21/17

Dreyfus @ 7 Weeks 2/26/17

Dreyfus @ 8 Weeks 3/5/17

Show Highlights

  • 6/4/17: Best in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy at the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club B Match.

  • 7/10/17: 2nd (to RWD) 6-9 Month Puppy Dogs at the PVDF show under breeder judge Steven Kirschner (Big Sky).

  • 7/13/17:  3rd Place in 6-9 Puppy Dogs at the Rose City Specialty Show under breeder judge Linda Vaughn (Simerdown). 

  • 9/29/18: 1st BBE/WD at the Richland Kennel Club Show under judge Gloria Kerr. (1 Point AKC)

  • 3/30/19: 1st Open Black/RWD at the Chintimini Kennel Club Show under judge Karen Martin.

  • 3/31/19: 1st Open Black/WD at the Chintimini Kennel Club Show under breeder judge Pluis Davern (Sundowners). (1 Point AKC)

  • 6/28/19:  1st BBE/WD/BOS at the Mount Bachelor Kennel Club Show under judge Grant Townsend. (1 Point AKC)

  • 6/29/19:   1st Open Black/WD/BOW at the Mount Bachelor Kennel Club Show under judge Linda Kelly. (1 Point AKC)

  • 6/30/19:  1st BBE/RWD at the Mount Bachelor Kennel Club Show under judge Kathleen Brock.

Dreyfus WD Chintinimi KC 3/31/19

Photo by Randy Roberts

Field Highlights

  • 10/6/19: Dreyfus earned his LRC, Inc. Working Certificate at the LRC, Inc. National Specialty under judges Barb Gilchrist and Tami Wilson.


Dreyfus Dock Diving

Photo by Cathy Kenzie