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I am a small hobby breeder who is devoted to working, showing and health testing my dogs in order to better evaluate them and keep them active and healthy.  My dogs are all well-loved family members who live in the house.  My last litter whelped 11/15/22.  I breed only when I am ready for my next generation of Labradors and the dogs have proven themselves worthy of being bred - typically once every 4-5 years.  Until that time, I plan to enjoy the wonderful dogs I have now.  

2023 Litter

We repeated the Luna x Jack breeding for an all black litter due 5/1/23.  We will do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy at the end of March.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please initiate contact via email.  Please note there is no guarantee of gender preference until after the litter is born.   Tourney is my keeper from the Luna x Jack Litter whelped 11/15/22.  This will be our last litter for several years.


If there are litters sired by my boys, I will list them here if puppies are available.


For more info on our policies and how we raise our litters, check out:  What to Expect From ReiMur Labradors

I am happy to help refer people to reputable breeders and answer questions.  Please note that I believe in breeding to the standard and do not refer to dilute breeders nor do I allow my dogs to be bred to dilutes.  I also do not refer to litters bred on prelims or that do not comply with the PSLRA Code of Ethics.  Please initiate contact via Email.  


If you are looking for a Labrador, check out the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association (PSLRA web site) for links to club member breeder web sites and the current litter listings.  Please do your homework when researching any breeder.  Always verify final health clearances (at 24 months or later) were obtained for both the sire and dam.  At a bare minimum, this should include hip, elbow, and eye clearances (annual). 

Margie x Bogie Litter (7 Weeks Old)

Larson @ 9 Weeks Old

Luna @ 5 Weeks Old

Fergus @ 6 Weeks Old

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